RyanAir's Single-Toilet Flights are an Unfriendly Way to Cut Costs

 - Oct 16, 2011
References: consumerist & gizmodo
RyanAir continues to build upon its low-cost brand by taking well-intentioned, if not disastrous shortcuts in their services, and today, the company is drawing more attention to their unique airline with the announcement of single-toilet flights.

As it stands, FDA and international regulations prevent RyanAir from seating more than 189 passengers on the company's Boeing 737 aircraft. In an attempt to increase the number of spaces and raise per-flight revenue, the airline hopes to rip lavatories out of their planes, providing space for an extra six chairs, but leaving just one bathroom. That means 195 passengers would ostensibly share one toilet. Admittedly, RyanAir explains that the presence of additional seats would lower the fares of every passenger.

Though single-toilet flights are a bold marketing move, it certainly tests the patience of RyanAir's customers. Then again, when you're traveling from Moscow to Barcelona for $25, there's little room to complain.