An Israeli Company Develops the World's First Sin-Free Yiddish Smarthpone

 - May 1, 2011
References: dvice
An Israeli company has developed what it is calling the the first sin-free Yiddish smartphone. The smartphone is designed specifically for Orthodox Jews who want to enjoy today's modern technology without today's modern temptations.

The sin-free Yiddish smartphone has almost no temptations whatsoever, as it has no Internet connection or text-messaging capabilities. All of the phone's menus are in Yiddish, and the ringtones available are styled after Jewish folk tunes. The phone's coolest and possibly most frustrating feature is its fee for making calls on the Sabbath. Using the sin-free Yiddish smartphone on what is supposed to be a day of rest will cost users $3.70 per minute! Although this phone may seem like it will alienate many consumers, the local market for this phone is estimated to be anywhere from 350,000 to 400,000 strong.