The Edelkrone 'Oqloq' is a Simple Clock that Instructs You What to Do

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: edelkrone & tuvie
Although the Edelkrone 'Oqloq' might look like a simple clock, it's actually intended to help creative individuals keep themselves focused on their goals. Able to be customized with different colored segments, the Edelkrone 'Oqloq' clock enables users to set certain times of the day for particular tasks.

The Edelkrone 'Oqloq' clock features no numbers, but is instead visually based to enable users to see what they should be doing rather than what time it is. This focus on goal completion and lifestyle support helps digital creatives and other efficiency focused individuals to stay on track with their life.

With so many people living lifestyles that are compromised of different projects, the Edelkrone 'Oqloq' is a simple clock to encourage tasks to get done on time.