Jesse Dirk's Silverware Chandelier Puts Old Silverware to Good Use

 - Apr 16, 2011
References: etsy & uniquedaily
A kitchen truly isn't a kitchen until it has a Silverware Chandelier lighting it up. The Silverware Chandelier is handmade out of a variety of forks, spoons and knives.

Each chandelier is handmade out of 45 to 60 pieces of "vintage" silverware. The chandeliers can be either oval or rectangular and are delightfully low-tech, being powered by only four regular incandescent light bulbs. I like this design, but more from an eco-conscious standpoint. I don't know how much silverware gets thrown out a year, but I bet it is a substantial amount. Designs like the Silverware Chandelier could help keep metal from taking up valuable space in landfills. Currently, each chandelier costs $325 with custom orders available for an additional price.