This Vinyl Record Provides Silence for Quiet Contemplation

 - Mar 14, 2019
References: kickstarter
'Silent Meditation' is currently raising funds on Kickstarter as a 12" vinyl record that shares 20 minutes of total silence on each side. With this vinyl record, people will be able to powerfully set the intention to meditate and enjoy a contemplative space to do so, uninterrupted by narration, sound or chimes at the end of a session. In addition to providing 20 minutes of meditation on each side at 33 1/3 RPM, Silent Meditation also provides a hidden 15-minute meditation at 45 RPM.

Eric Antonow was inspired to create Silent Meditation when his son received a record player for Christmas. After finding and being unsatisfied with an instructional meditation record from the 70s, Antonow set out to create a product to provide better support for a meditative practice.

Project supporters can look forward to seeing Silent Meditation pressed on "140 grams of super cool translucent vinyl."