Shrick is a Social Networking App for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

 - Aug 11, 2015
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There are dozens of apps out there that cater to fans of tennis, baseball, golf, soccer and football, but Shrick appeals to those who like high-adrenaline extreme sports.

The social networking app is designed for daredevils and makes it easy for people to follow the adventures of icons from sports like BMX biking, wakeboarding, skateboarding, jet skiing, longboarding and more.

As well as being to follow leaders in these sports, all users are able to create and share their own posts. In order to make it exciting to share posts of daring stunts, Shrick equips adrenaline junkies with a set of editing tools that include slow motion capture or fish-eye lens effects. The app itself is gamified, awarding users a point for each post made, making it a competition in itself.