These Shipyard Cranes are Arranged into a Colourful Dance

 - May 28, 2014
References: & sploid.gizmodo
Shipyard cranes aren't typically the most exciting, graceful or beautiful things out there, but this artistic set-up is as picturesque as it comes. With some lighting and some choice music, artist Skira has created something beautiful out of something typically rugged.

When it comes to big, live art there's many ways you can go about it. Kira took it upon herself to juxtapose the large, metal majesty of a group of cranes, soften it up a little bit and give it motion through the power of song.

Through the use of 74 RGB lights of varied intensities, Skira was able to make the lights on the crane dance along. It's crazy to think that by simply adding colour and light to something you can truly create something moving