Zweikampf's Shock-Absorbing Structure was Inspired by Japanese Samurai

 - Apr 19, 2016
References: 3dprint & kickstarter
Zweikampf Shin Guards are being launched on Kickstarter as the first-ever premium 3D-printed shin guards for both professional and recreational sports players.

At its core, one of the most innovative details about these protective shin guards is a Y-shaped structure that helps to absorb and distribute shock across the surface of the accessory, rather than concentrating impact on a certain point. This unique structure was developed with inspiration from a similar honeycomb structure once used by the samurai thousands of years ago.

3D printing allows the next-generation shin guard to be created in an extremely lightweight material and sized in three types to fit any sports enthusiast. Another thoughtful design detail is a textured grip on the exterior of the guard, which is useful for keeping socks in place.