Shimansky Jewelers Ad Campaign Caters to Gold-Diggers

For the new Shimansky Jewelers ad campaign plays upon the purported shallowness of gold-digging women. The prestigious and pricey jewelery chain is known for its original designs.

The Shimansky Jewelers ad plays out a marriage proposal gone wrong. Apparently, after proposing to his girlfriend, the boyfriend presents her with an unworthy ring. The gold-digging spoiled-rotten shallow girlfriend then bolts, as fast as she can. The slogan: "It should have been Shimansky Jewelers."

Personally, I am not a big fan of the Shimansky Jewelers ad campaign. It implies that men are only looking for trophy wives, and that women are only looking for the material things in life. And, if the only reason that you are with someone for what you can get out of them, then you are not only a dirtbag, but a terrible human being.

The Shimansky Jewelers ad begs the question; whatever happened to marriage based on love?