Shay Kun Brings the Public to the Earth's Organic Splendor

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: shaykun & sweet-station
Shay Kun is a 37-year-old Israeli-born, New York City-based artist, whose penchant for bright colors, lush landscapes, and a fusion of artistic styles have him as one of the most sought after illustrators in the art world.

Shay Kun's work is immediately eye-catching for its use of effervescent colors and contrasts. His illustrations do a good job of connecting the viewer to mother nature, which is clearly something Shay Kun intends to do with his art. "The contrast between these contemporary characters and their stylized environment is abrupt," says a note on Shay Kun's website. "And, despite their small scale, they are an almost offensively inadequate substitute for the deities or characters of noble bearing that filled their place in the painting of the past centuries."

Shay Kun's work shows a skilled and experienced artist with a love for adventure, color and nature. Take a look through his selected portfolio and see if his artwork has the same effect on you.