Share Your Music Using Sharetapes

 - Feb 4, 2014
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Remember when you were young and you’d share tapes with your friends or make a little mix tape for someone you liked?  Those sweet little gestures don’t have to die with the change in times; Sharetapes lets you keep the nostalgia alive.

These thin cards contain NFC (Near Field Communication) chips and are able to play mixed tapes or playlists off your smartphone or tablets. In conjunction with music platforms like Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks and more, you can make and share playlists. By using and pressing ‘record,’ you can save your playlist, and save it for your own listening enjoyment or share it with someone else.

Sharetapes lets you share tapes and music with anyone you see fit. By scanning the Sharetape on the app (which is compatible with all smartphones,) you can open up a whole new world of music.