The 'Shapes' Series Tells a Story by Filling in Outlines

 - Jun 17, 2013
References: habbenink & mymodernmet
Using random shapes, American artist Habbenink created a collection of beautiful illustrations in the 'Shapes' series. Habbenik made the series by randomly drawing an amorphous shape and then filling it in with an intricately drawn story. Bound by the constraints of the initial shape, the artist created humorous and symbolic stories that fit the outline perfectly.

The artist was inspired to create the series after experimenting while doodling. Instead of drawing the picture to create an outline, Habbenik created an outline and then drew the picture.

Habbenik wanted to explore the use of small concepts in order to create impressive works. According to the artist, "My hope is that people see how a simple concept can go a long way and gain more confidence in creating their own work, big or small."