This Shabazz Palaces Belhaven Meridian Music Video

 - Sep 21, 2010   Updated: Jun 8 2011
References: vimeo
The Shabazz Palaces Belhaven Meridian music video captures a rough neighborhood without the glamor. Belhaven Meridian enlisted director Kahlil Joseph to tell a short story with their song Shabazz Palaces in the background. The video strolls through a neighborhood often seen in rap music videos, without the glitz.

This raw depiction was beautifully and interestingly captured and gives the viewer a new perspective.

Implications - As North American media becomes over saturated with superficial representations of its citizens, consumers are starting to disconnect with these portrayals and are looking for more authenticity in their products. Corporations need to establish empathetic relations with consumers if they are to experience loyalty from their customers.