The SESU Seastead Ocean Society is Tomorrow's Utopia

This floating ocean society, the SESU Seastead, was created by Estonian architect Marko Järvela of Hirvesoo Arhitektibüroo.

The utopia not only caters to basic needs and being very environmentally-friendly, but as also designed to allow "soft values" such as frequent meditation to flourish.

The SESU Seastead (which stands for SElf-SUstained seastead) is a micro-city on the ocean integrating eco-friendly features like solar energy harvesting and plenty of vegetation which not only nourishes people living on the SESU Seastead, but plays a role in climate regulation.

As land is quickly being filled with architecture and real estate is popping up everywhere, TSI is looking at the 70% of the planet covered in water and seeking innovative ways to create sustainable living environments.