The Raise3D N-Series 3D Printer Provides a Superior User Interface

 - Nov 21, 2015
References: raise3d & thegadgetflow
The capabilities of 3D printers are once again being expanded with the release of the Raise3D N-Series 3D Printer that will provide users with an exceptionally easy way to navigate the utilization of the equipment.

Compatible with over ten different kinds of filament, the Raise3D N-Series 3D Printer is capable of creating high-definition models and products thanks to the machines ability to print at a .01-mm thickness level for detail like never before. The touchscreen interface allows the Raise3D N-Series 3D Printer to be interacted with easily without the need to understand extensive jargon.

The included app allows you to keep an eye on projects you have printing on the Raise3D N-Series 3D Printer to further enhance the functionality and capabilities of the powerful machine.