Serge by Pierre Stadelmann Combines the Primary Pieces of a Living Room

 - Dec 6, 2011
Even with a 30-square-meter family room, you may be surprised to discover how little of it with which you interact. Serge by Pierre Stadelmann is a single piece of furniture that amalgamates the most widely used movables in your living room so that every comfort and convenience is within easy reach.

But the designer did not think this project up purely for the purpose of condensing the concept of domesticity, nor for the possible motive of encouraging a lethargic lifestyle. This chair, floor lamp, coat hanger, magazine rack hybrid was conceived to create the ideal recess for reading adventure novels.

Serge by Pierre Stadelmann is made of wood with a customizable finish and personalized colored lampshades. It provides the basics so that you don't have to put your book down amidst the excitement.