Sentimental Value by Emily Spivack Finds Stories on eBay

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: sentimental-value & fastcodesign
First a blog and now a curated art gallery of precious modern artifacts--modern in regards to ancient artifacts--Sentimental Value is a collection eBay items that have a special story behind them. Created by Emily Spivack, a writer based in New York City, Sentimental Value shows just how much art and treasure surrounds people on a daily basis.

Inspired to dig deeper while browsing eBay one day, Spivack stumbled upon a picture of one of the sellers. Instead of filling in the blank behind this nameless woman's life, she contacted her and received and interesting tale about the item on sale. Thus, Sentimental Value was born.

23 pieces from the Sentimental Value collection is currently being exhibited at the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Spivack observes, "The garments have become art objects. Viewers are provided with a stripped-down set of details, which they use to construct their own narratives."