The Senti8 Bracelet Grants Astronauts Fragrances from Home When in Space

 - Apr 29, 2014
References: senti8 & psfk
Taking a trip into space is an experience of a lifetime for astronauts, yet giving up the comforts and familiarity of home can be tougher than dealing with zero gravity, enclosed spaces and more; enter the Senti8 Bracelet. The Senti8 Bracelet allows these cosmonauts to bring along favorite scents to help remind them of the things they will miss. Scents can be greater triggers than photos and other trinkets.

Designed by a team of eight led by videographer and hackathon enthusiast Leslie Birch, the Senti8 Bracelet is a piece of wearable tech that not only serves as a walk down memory lane, it also helps to exercise this sense. Psfk reports, "Research has also shown that space travelers and those who travel in high altitudes experience diminished senses, including sense of smell."