'Send Me to Heaven' Challenges Users to Throw Phones Up in the Air

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: carrotpop & digitalbuzzblog
'Send Me to Heaven' is an Android app with an unusual premise. At some point, most cellphone users have experienced such frustration with their phone that they just want to throw it. However, instead of tossing a phone out of anger, this app encourages its users to throw their cell phones as high into the air as they possibly can, just for fun.

While airborne, the phone will record the highest point it reaches. If a user is able to successfully catch their phone without having it break, they will be able to see their score as compared to a number of other people who have also tried chucking their phone in the air. This strange app is definitely for daredevils and people who are just looking for an excuse to buy a new phone.