The Sen Village Community Center is Sheltered by a Unique Thatched Roof

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: votrongnghia & dezeen
Vietnamese-based design firm Vo Trong Nghia created this unique thatched roofing concept that shelters the vast Sen Village Community Center. The uniquely shaped roof resembles a cone-like upside down umbrella.

Below the glorious canopy is the Sen Village Community Center, which is a cozy environment made of bamboo. The thatched roof is "supported by a network of arches, rope-bound bamboo columns and beams." In the center of the roof, there is a circular opening that allows a beam of light to always shine down through the thatched roof.

The goal for this beautiful and serene space is to provide a convenient meeting place for the residents of a new housing development that will be home to 2,200 units. There is a stage-like gathering space directly below the umbrella roof that can host 250 people for parties, banquets and specific gatherings.