Dita Pepe Re-Imagines Her Life in 'Self Portraits With Men'

 - Aug 28, 2014
References: ditapepe.cz & featureshoot
In her powerful new series 'Self Portraits With Men,' Czech photographer Dita Pepe re-imagines her life in many different contexts.

It's natural to wonder how life would have turned out for us if we'd made different choices. Who could we have been if we'd studied abroad, or left school entirely to follow a far-fetched dream? What about if we'd married someone else? Pepe literally turns these "what-ifs" into a reality, seamlessly transitioning into different families.

Pepe began with men she knew, but after awhile, she gradually began asking strangers if they'd welcome her into their family -- photographically, speaking. She manages to surpass barriers of culture, age and class, fluidly becoming apart of each family; so much so, that you'd be hard-pressed to pick her out as the stranger.