- Sep 27, 2006
Marketers do everything they can to take an ok product and give it a great image. This company takes a great quality product in a high competition market and gives it an image that literally tears the marketing profession apart. Or is that the point? If all publicity is good publicity, then maybe all market postitions are good positions.

Earlier this year, Trend Hunter covered a Japanese designer that used the same strategy for its designer bags. It portrayed designer bags as Barf Bags and Trend Hunter called it Self Depricating Advertising. Well, Another Bloody Water fits the same category (although it might not be as extreme).

Unashamedly stating that their product is better than those using fancy blue colours, waterfalls, fountains, famous sweaty people and added flavour to sell their water. And what is their marketing point of difference? They take the mickey out of marketers themselves.

"They (competitors) think we're taking the p*ss. That we mock the overly flowery, exaggerated language and the poorly drawn waterfalls and diagrams of volcanos on their labels."

Then to drive home the quality of their product they pull out this pearler "Smart Alec Name - Yes, Just another water - No"

I found this at my local healthy juice joint on King Street in downtown Melbourne.... Told you this city has it all.