Seeds of Happiness Branding Relates to Vivacious and Healthy Consumers

 - Sep 27, 2013
References: babich & packagingoftheworld
Personification of inanimate objects tends to be a successful scheme for selling just about anything. You can see it in action as part of the new Seeds of Happiness packaging strategy. The product is a type of extra large sunflower seed that's sold in four different sachets, despite the seemingly consistent flavor inside.

The lively mascots appear to jump from the shelf, backed by the vibrant colors that surround them. Babich Design and Branding decided to broaden the potential consumer base by featuring four anthropomorphic kernels with very different personalities. One character is into sports, one enjoys clubbing, another is hopelessly in love, and the last one is nostalgic. Seeds of Happiness packaging thus engages all sorts of people.