The Secret Base Case Mod Features Soldiers and Mechs

 - Dec 29, 2013
References: wired & technabob
If you thought slapping a sticker on your laptop was a good way to customize it, then you clearly haven't seen Hiroto Ikeuchi's Secret Base case mod. The Japanese designer turned his computer into a military base complete with soldiers, tanks and even mechs. In addition to customizing his computer, the designer also tricked out his keyboard, mouse and monitor.

The Secret Base case mod admittedly looks more like something you'd find in a toy chest as opposed to an actual computer. Still, Ikeuchi's creation functions first and foremost as a computer, despite the fact that it's mouse looks like a tank. No word on whether or not the Secret base case mod required Ikeuchi to mod his desk, but it's probably safe to say that he had to either buy a new one or do some reorganizing.