These Digitally Made Submarines Look Ready for the Depths of the Sea

 - May 31, 2016
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Madrid-based 'Hunky Dunky' studio is comprised from the combined efforts of Yonito Tanu and Jessica Chapiness -- who have created a series of digital sea art for their project 'Under The Sea.'

They describe the sea art project with few words, saying, "Diving in a submarine is the closest to being a shark. I've never wanted to be a shark, but I've always wanted to dive in a submarine." Despite the project's limited explanation, each of the images speaks for itself. The metallic surface of each submarine floats against a simple background that corresponds with its exterior -- making each of the submarines the focus.

The images vary in color, with some taking on bright blue, orange and red and others coated entirely in bronze. Images zoom in onto details of the digital machinery, with knobs and valves accented by reflective light that shines off the surface. With this, each look is ready to submerge into the depths of the sea.