The 'Volatas' Scroll Wheel Mouse Changes to Different Computing Needs

 - Feb 13, 2017
References: jchhaidan & yankodesign
The 'Volatas' scroll wheel mouse is a newly designed peripheral by Jason Chhaidan that incorporates a modern bit of technology that is far more advanced than what has been traditionally possible with mouses.

The 'Volatas' mouse is outfitted with a touchscreen display where the scroll wheel would be traditionally found. This is inspired by the new Touch Bar that is found on the new lineup of MacBook Pros and changes to reveal a number of contextual shortcuts that can be made use of when utilizing the computer.

The 'Volatas' scroll wheel mouse can be used for increasing productivity and eliminating the need to constantly shift your hands when performing work on a computer. This makes design work and beyond more intuitive to increase overall possibilities.