The ProDrone Byrd Offers the Ability to See Video Captured in Real Time

 - Apr 1, 2016
References: prodrone-tech & hiconsumption
While the drone market grows incessant with options, the ProDrone Byrd offers consumers a well-designed flying gadget that provides real-time screen-sharing as well as several other high-quality functions at an affordable price point. The drone is specifically designed to allow the consumer to engage with all the tech features offered while video footage is being captured, as oppose to afterwards.

The ProDrone Byrd features a folding design that allows the expansive flying gadget to be brought down to the compact size of laptop for easy transportation. The device is able to capture 25-minutes worth of video footage and fly high in the sky with powerful propulsion. Consumers can also better control the device and the footage captured with screen-sharing hooked up to a tablet device. The tablet can function as the viewfinder to the drone's control panel.