This Scott Pilgrim Location-Finding Blog Post is Accurate to a Tee

 - Dec 15, 2011
References: gabdar.tumblr & nerdsapiens.tumblr
I often muse about visiting all the places found within the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, but Tumblr user Gabdar has actually undertaken that task in her meticulous Scott Pilgrim location-finding blog post. Who knew creator Bryan Lee O’Malley was such a stickler for detail when he rendered all these locales and Toronto landmarks?

Many people who visit Toronto’s Annex will be familiar with such sights as the Honest Ed’s department store or the music venue Lee’s Palace, but this Scott Pilgrim location-finding blog post even managed to track down specific Second Cup coffee shops and obscure telephone booths. Gabdar, who is a Torontonian graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, sure is one devoted fan.

Her hard work definitely paid off as the Scott Pilgrim location-finding blog post even got a mention by Bryan Lee O’Malley himself via Twitter.