The Wheela Lets You Propel Yourself From a Seated Position

 - Mar 23, 2016
References: wheela-scootbike & gizmag
The Wheela is an eccentric but brilliant scooter-bicycle hybrid vehicle that brings together the best features of scooters and bicycles.

This particular vehicle allows you to ride along in a seated position from which you can propel yourselves forward by kicking along the ground like a typical scooter. However, what makes the Wheela stand out from past offerings such as the Dandy Horse is the fact that it makes use of the most modern materials, making it possible for you to fold down your scooter-bicycle into a highly lightweight and compact package. The Wheela also gives you the option of an electric version fitted with a motor.

The Wheela scooter-bicycle isn't just incredibly fun and addictive to ride, but it also makes for a great way to navigate short distances.