'Scenty Presso' Uses a Fan to Fill Homes with a Caffeinated Aroma

 - Sep 4, 2017
References: behance.net & yankodesign
The 'Scenty Presso' is a coffee maker designed specifically to fill one's home with the intoxicating smell of a fresh pot of coffee.

Waking up to the smell of coffee is a ritual for the average consumer, but typically, that smell doesn't travel past the kitchen. Designer Taeyeon Kim sought to craft a device that allows the sweet aroma, to drift into one's bedroom, filling the entirety of a home with a caffeinated cloud. The Scenty Presso achieves this by incorporating a fan into its design, gently blowing the fresh scent of roasting beans throughout one's home.

This caffeinated aromatherapy, would appeal to the consumer on-the-go, who seeks a ritualistic experience that can simultaneously get one out of bed, while saving valuable time in the morning.