This Automated System Scares Away Geese Using Low-Power Lasers

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: cbc & digitaltrends
Farms on the Saanich Peninsula in British Columbia constantly battle against crop-destroying geese, so a group of mechanical engineering students from the nearby University of Victoria have created a futuristic scarecrow system to fight back. Their novel scarecrow system uses low-power lasers to scare away geese, preying on the birds' natural fear of bright lights.

According to the UVic students, geese detest lasers, especially green ones, and will shy away from even very low intensity laser beams. Taking advantage of this natural response, the new scarecrow system shines laser beams across fields at regular intervals during the night, keeping the geese at bay. The system will require very little maintenance, since its lasers are effective while having even lower power than the laser pointers frequently used in presentations.