The Frozen Chili Cheese 'Choux Bites' Can Be Served Hot or Cold

Van Diermen makes a range of high-quality cream pastries in sweet flavors and it is now venturing into the creation of savory pastry bites with the introduction of its all-new 'Choux Bites.'

Presented at SIAL 2018, the Choux Bites savory puffs are prepared in refined flavors like Chili Cheese and Black Pepper/Cheese. These pastry puffs are sold frozen and have the potential to be enjoyed as starters or snacks, served either hot or cold.

Busy Millennials and aging Baby Boomers with decreasing appetites are driving the demand for single-serve handheld snacks and mini-meals, which they prefer over large food portions that will create leftovers. Like many other bite-sized snacks, these savory pastry products have the potential to be enjoyed at one's leisure at home or packaged for convenient on-the-go eating.