These Naturalistic Long Exposures by Sarah K Byrne are Stunning

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: sarakbyrne & thisiscolossal
These long exposure shots by Portland, Oregon based artist Sara K Byrne, are a master class in abstract photography. The images, which feature three different young females, have been shot using long exposures; so that light and often other elements seem to be coming through the translucent figures heads.

With the light filled exposures and images of flowers, trees and other naturalistic images, these hazy captures really make me want to embrace summer. The photographer posted the images on her website along with a tutorial for any budding photographers keen to learn new techniques for abstract photography.

These striking images would make an amazing print to hang on your wall at home. Sara K Byrne runs a photography business with her husband Dylan in Portland. The couple are available to book for your wedding or engagement photo's through their website.