The Sanbot Elf Can Be Used as an Assistive Companion in Any Space

 - Nov 1, 2017
References: en.sanbot & youtube
The Sanbot Elf, powered by China's Qihan Technology Co. Ltd, made its debut at CES 2017, where it captured the attention of attendees due to its high-tech design that allows it to function as the ultimate service robot.

With a 3D camera that allows it to do facial recognition scans attached to it, the Sanbot Elf has the capability to interact with its surroundings on a human-like level, which is also backed up by its HD touchscreen and sensors. In addition, the bot has voice localization built in, meaning that it's able to distinguish the closest voice to it, and then interact with it.

With Cloud-connectivity and an interactive design, the Sanbot Elf can be used for a wide range of purposes, whether it's making a home into the ideal smart space, tutoring young children, filming an event, or helping customers in a store.