The Samuel Salcedo Sculptures are Eerily Grotesque

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: samuelsalcedo & sweet-station
Experience the slightly creepy imagination that the Samuel Salcedo Sculptures embody. Figured to look exactly like humans, it is almost impossible to notice that these are in fact realistic looking sculptures.

With their pallid flesh and pained expressions, these statues immediately put the viewer in an uncomfortable position where they feel as though they have walked in on something inappropriate and disturbing. Some of the sculptures are wearing head gear including a Darth Vader mask, an alien antenna headband, a Teletubby face and even another human face mask that looks like it is screaming loudly. The strange apparel, or lack thereof, and seemingly random pop culture references add to the eeriness and strangeness of the sculptures.

Have a peek at the Samuel Salcedo Sculptures for a taste of bizarrely unusual discomfort.