The Samsung 'Galaxy Y' Smartphone Launch Reel is Eccentric

The Samsung 'Galaxy Y' Duos smart phone launch in Portugal was promoted along with this eccentric video that incorporates projection mapping on a man's face. It certainly looks amazing and a lot of hard work was put into this project; the actor sat motionless for three hours while the projection mapping took effect.

Projection mapping is commonly seen on buildings and cars but this video creates an interesting face transformation with altering images shot on the actor's face. You can see the eerie smirks and digital images change drastically on the man's face. Google Maps is just one of the themes featured in this Samsung Galaxy Y promotion video.

Excentric, a digital agency based in Lisbon, created this amazing concept while Oscar e Gaspar was behind the video mapping effects. The upbeat music by Timecoders goes hand in hand with the fast-paced shots. The whole video production was conducted by DROID I.D.