These Sam Wolfe Connelly Pieces are Ominous

 - Mar 27, 2012
References: samwolfeconnelly & visualnews
New York City-based artist Sam Wolfe Connelly has a talent for bringing out the beauty of dark, ominous scenes. His collection of works featured in this article is vivid proof of this.

The immediate appeal of the illustrations is aesthetic. Despite the dark overtones of each scene, the imagery is actually pretty: the colors are harmonious and build on one another; the drawing is precise and thoughtful; the composition is focused.

The most ominous aspect found within most of these Sam Wolfe Connelly illustrations is not necessarily what the viewer sees, but what they expect to see. The scenes suggest something is about to happen; this is found in the expressions the characters wear or the obscure directions that they gaze out unto. It is a subtle touch, but distinct.