The Salto-1P Can Jump and Land on Specific Targets

 - Oct 12, 2018
References: techcrunch & cnet
Known as the Salto-1P, this leaping robot is capable of continuous high-power hopping and can even play hopscotch. Designed by the Biomimetic Millisystems lab at Berkeley, University of California, the development of this robot is being funded by an Army Research Office Grant. The latest update to the Salto-1P adds a new level of control to the robot allowing it to jump and land exactly in a single position.

This new capability is being referred to as "deadbeat foot placement hopping control," and its innovation lies in the use of advanced algorithms to maintain precise foot placements. This gives the Salto-1P the ability to jump on imperfect stones or play hopscotch.

It is unclear what the military intends to do with this technology and the Salto-1P is currently restricted to a single robot.

Image Credit: University of California