NewCo's Bamboo Salt Coffee Combines Salty and Sweet Flavors

 - Feb 29, 2016
Bamboo Salt Coffee from NewCo comes in portable packets for making flavorful instant coffee on the go. The pocket-sized sachets include just four ingredients: instant white coffee, natural cane sugar for sweetness, non-dairy creamer and bamboo salt.

It's now becoming quite popular for coffee drinkers to add salt to their coffee because it helps to cut out bitterness. But in addition to this, bamboo salt in particular adds a range of health benefits. Where regular salt is coarse and acidic, bamboo salt is actually fine and alkaline to the body. Bamboo salt is also rich with more than 80 minerals that supply the body with magnesium and natural antioxidants.

In addition to promising a "salty and subtle sweet taste," NewCo also says its Bamboo Salt Coffee packets are ideal for boosting the metabolism, detoxification and leveling out the body's pH.