Saddo’s Abstract Illustrations Reference the Passage of Time

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: & sweet-station
Saddo is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist who creates culturally-infused art pieces that are both symbolic and visually striking. Presented as a part of the "LIFE IS A CASINO" show at MOHS Exhibit Gallery in Copenhagen, this 4-piece series captures a masked character who is representative of the passage of time and a human’s transition into old age.

Abstracted architecture, hillside topography, botanical crops and a burning flame are the portrait series’ backdrop views that are representative of changing seasons. "The pieces are inspired by the four symbols on the playing cards: clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades with each corresponding to the Four Seasons."

While the King of Clubs stands for Spring and the beginning of life, the King of Hearts is representative of Summer, "a most intense age dominated by the power of love, passion and emotion." Moreover, the King of Diamonds, stands for Fall, while the King of Spades represents Winter and the wisdom one achieves with old age.