Brooke Barker Hilariously Illustrates Depressing Animal Trivia

 - Jun 4, 2015
References: sadanimalfacts & mymodernmet
Sad Animal Facts is an illustration series that is hilariously informative. It focuses on surprising bits of trivia that are not common knowledge -- perhaps in a conspiracy not to feel so bad for lovable creatures. Yet what makes Sad Animal Facts truly previous is the artist's interpretation of them.

Created by Brooke Barker, the Sad Animal Facts series accompanies each piece of information with a thought for the animal in question. For instance, in response to the fact, "Birds can't eat in outer space, they use gravity to swallow," the illustrated bird chirps, "Skies the limit." As for hippos who "ooze a natural sunblock out of their skin," one notes, "I'm never going to get a tan." These illustrations are as clever as they are creative.