'TrackPacer' Uses LED Lights to Help Runners Visualize Their Running Pace

 - Aug 10, 2016
References: 3ders.org
There are plenty of wearable technologies that exist on the market to help runners get a better sense of their running pace, but this app-connected LED lighting system by Cal Poly engineering student Alexandra Kline and Viget is designed to keep athletes from having to constantly glance down at a device.

The 'TrackPacer' allows runners to set a pace via a companion application, which will then send pulses of light to the track's lighting system. These colored lights give runners a better idea of the ideal place for them to be at any given moment in time, whether that means speeding up or slowing down to match a set running pace.

One of the key physical components of the system was made by creating 3D-printed ratchet connectors that affix the LED lighting strips to a running track.