The Rungu is a Trike That Can Tackle Dirt Roads, Sand and Snow

 - Mar 27, 2014
References: riderungu & gizmag
The Rungu is an upright trike developed by California-based Standard Bearer Machines. This upright trike has two front wheels and one rear wheel for increased stability in off-road conditions.

There are two models of the Rungu trike. The Juggernaut features fat 26 x 4.7-inch tires and is intended for use on sand and snow. It weighs nearly 56 pounds, and is priced from $2,500.

The Kilimanjaro retains a fat rear tire, but has skinnier 29 x 2.5-inch tires in the front in addition to 100 mm coil spring suspension forks. It is designed for use on the road or on hard-packed dirt, where speed and agility are more of a factor than having a wide footprint. It weights nearly 54 pounds, and is priced at $2,600.