The 'Royal Price Tag' Infographic is Delves Into Spending Habits

 - Jun 18, 2012
The Royal Price Tag infographic tells a tale of extravagant spending on the part of the Royals using the tax dollars of the British public. However, as a tradition, the Monarchy of Britain is incredibly traditional and duty-filled. Put on a public allowance, this infographic shows exactly where these funds are being spent.

In 2011, the Monarch of Britain spent $39.9 million dollars. Household expenses, staff pays, travel and property services eat into a large portion, but what this infographic is actually missing is the taxpayer-funded wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton.

Gardening, catering and alcohol, you might be surprised to find, are huge expenses of the government. Considering the debate surrounding the relevancy of the Queen and the monarchy in this day and age, these expenses are sure to be met with two sides of opinion.