ROX Chilling Stones Keep Drinks Cool for the Length of the Beverage

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: bevrox & blessthisstuff
Putting ice into a choice drink can quickly water it down rendering it rather far from it's original taste signature, so opting for ROX Chilling Stones instead of traditional ice can help to cut this aspect completely out of the picture. ROX Chilling Stones are made from natural soapstone, which is known for it's ability to maintain a hot or cold temperature.

Larger than similar soapstone drinking accessories to help hold onto cold longer, ROX Chilling Stones won't require too many to cool down a drink or require that another be added half way through. The naturally durable design of ROX Chilling Stones means they can be used over and over without worries that they'll retain any of the odour or taste from a previous drink; simply rinse, dry and toss back in the freezer.