The Rouge Magazine China Editorial is an Inky Wonderland

The 'Dark Fantasy' Rouge Magazine China Editorial stars Samantha Xu in a series of somber, nebulous shots. Xu, who was styled and beautified by the talented Lisa Jarvis, Yuko Takahashi and Mako Iijima, is dripping in an assortment of gems. In one shot, Xu dons an eye-patch embellished with dangling religious accouterments. In another, she sports a bedazzled lip stain, and in yet another she rocks a funky, bejeweled manicure.

These glamorous baubles will make you want to embellish your every day look. The shoot, photographed by Michael Creagh, truly captures a shadow vibe, brightened by Xu's opulent accessories. Though I can't imagine how one would rock the pirate eye-patch on the streets, the sparkly manicures can easily be translated into your fall wardrobe.