Agent Nateur and Shiva Rose Teamed Up to Create a Sensual Deodorant

 - Nov 12, 2016
References: agentnateur
Shiva Rose and Agent Nateur collaborated on the creation of a fragrant rose deodorant, which is officially called 'h o l i ( R o s e ) No ยบ4.'

The personal care product is described as both sensual and sacred, as it features an exotic blend of sandalwood and heart-opening rose. While the team does note that "Sandalwood is a pheromone and acts as a natural deodorant," they go much deeper into some of the other meanings and ingredient properties. For instance, the use of the number four in the rose deodorant product name is meant to be representative of creation, patience, trust, honesty and passion, among other positive traits.

As an alternative to products that feature unfamiliar chemicals, many conscious consumers are gravitating towards ingredients that they know to be pure, fragrant and beneficial to their health.