Roos van der Vliet's Hyper-Realistic Art Puts Focus on Tresses

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: & sweet-station
Artist Roos van der Vliet creates hyper-realistic portraits of female subjects who sport wrapped tresses. These hair-wrapped portraits are not only incredibly lifelike and detailed but are also meant to emote in an unexpected way.

Focusing on "human condition, particularly with how living in such a large and historied world affects our identities," Roos van der Vliet depicts poignant paintings that are eye-catching, whimsical and expressive all at once.

Based in Arhem, Netherlands, the painter is a graduate from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts and aims to capture unique elements in her work, ones she believes represent the subtle differences that make individuals unique from anyone else. Though boasting a similar aesthetic throughout, the images in this series reveal hidden differences when closely examined.