Splittable Helps Users Distribute Living Costs and Duties Effectively

 - May 16, 2016
References: itunes.apple & splittable.co
Described as a platform that helps users "harmonize their home," Splittable is a roommate app that distributes costs, chores and other duties effectively and without conflict. More and more Millennials are choosing cohabitation as a way of life and are ultimately cutting rent or mortgage costs while single or in school.

Splittable is an intuitive mobile platform that helps those in a co-living situation distribute bills, chores and other costs effectively. In addition to organizing bills and reminding users of due dates or amounts owed, this roommate app also helps house owners find new people to live with once a co-habitant's lease is up.

This all-encompassing platform is designed to make the lives of Millennials easier and keeps all parties in a co-living situation informed of costs while avoiding in-person confrontations.