The Ron English x Made by Monsters Dead Toy Soldiers Speak Volumes

 - Dec 15, 2012
References: popaganda & hypebeast
The Ron English x Made by Monsters dead toy soldiers make a political stance with a morbid message.

Ron English is a contemporary artist who doesn't shy away from sensitive subject matter, but who instead prides himself on making bold and inspiring statements about pop culture, politics and socioeconomics. He is well-known for his infamous paintings in movies like Super Size Me.

The Made x Monsters collaboration to make a limited edition of ten sets of dead toy soldiers marks another one of English's attempts to make commentary. Essentially, the message of the toys is that not everyone returns home from war and expressed the reality of the brutality of a soldier's death. The Ron English x Made by Monsters toys make you question your stance on war and the impact of imagery with a concept as simple as toys.